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Get Rewarded While Selling More Photos & Footage!

Worldmetadata Reward Program Keywords are just as critical to your bottom line as the photos and footage you've worked so hard to create. Reward yourself by hiring Apple to produce fully optimized keywords ensuring your content is found by perspective buyers. While maximizing your sales you'll also be earning valuable reward points that translate to awesome gifts from Apple!

Here's How It Works:
  1. For every photo or footage clip submitted to for key-wording, you earn either 5, 10 or 15 points depending on the metadata package you've selected.
  2. The reward points have no expiry and accumulate with each submission you make to worldmetadata.
  3. Once your points reach the required threshold associated with a specific gift you simply call us to redeem them and we'll arrange to have the product shipped within your country of origin.
  4. The Apple products offered are contract free so you own the device outright and can sign up with any carrier of your choosing.
  5. If you choose, the option exists to redeem your points for discounts on future submissions made to
  6. Terms and conditions do apply to our Reward Points Program so please read that document.

Worldmetadata Rewards Program

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