Affordable, Flexible Keywording Services for Stock Photography and Footage
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Affordable Metadata Services

Worldmetadata Services Worldmetadata offers convenient, flexible and affordable metadata services for companies and individuals that require searchable digital content to be found via search engines using keywords, captions or other metadata entities. Business sectors using our service offerings include stock photo/footage distribution firms, digital asset management companies, marketing and advertising companies, museums, libraries and more.

Our service begins with a free professional phone consultation where we assess your specific metadata requirements and recommend the most cost effective solution that fits your budget and work flow. Worldmetadata Services We'll also provide a sample of our work so you'll know exactly what to expect as an end result and how the whole process works.

If you wish to proceed after our consultation, secure access codes will be issued to upload your photos and/or footage previews. We may also request reference information if you have model releases, specific locations etc. so that our team can achieve the best possible results. Turnaround time is dependent on each job however the average is 5-7 days. If you have tight schedules please call us to discuss.

In some circumstances companies may have an existing information technology system that requires the metadata to be integrated but they may not have the budget or expertise to accomplish the task. Worldmetadata Services We can help! Our in-house team of dedicated software professionals will work to design develop and implement an affordable solution that seamlessly integrates the metadata with your existing technological platform. Call us anytime to discuss your requirements. If you wish to see a free sample of our work before hiring worldmetadata, just give us a call.

Great Value For Those Selling Stock Photos and Footage
Our most popular keyword service offering is the "Gold Pack" and appeals especially to photo and footage producers looking to sell their collections across a wide network of third-party distributors.

The is our most popular package and is priced at $1.89 US per image or clip. It provides outstanding value with 10 fully optimized sets of keywords and captions covering all the top producing distributors including Getty, Corbis, Alamy, iStockPhoto, Veer, Shutterstock, Dreamstime, Fotolia in addition to 3 outstanding generic keyword sets that can be used for all other distributors. You receive a full 15 reward points for every image or clip you submit.

The priced at $1.59 US per photo or clip and includes any 2 distributor sets of your choice. You also receive 10 reward points for each photo or clip you submit with this package.

The is priced at $1.29 US per photo or clip and is the budget friendly choice for those who only require a single set of keywords. You receive 5 reward points for each photo or clip submitted with this package.

With all our metadata packages you receive the following benefits:
Professionally crafted, distinct sets of keywords and captions fully optimized for the distributor sets associated with the package you've selected.
Reward points that you can redeem for valuable Apple products.
Easy to use online tools that allow you to manage your submissions and keywords.
Ability to monitor and optimize your metadata so that it complies with the specific rules and guidelines associated with the top stock image distributors.
Easily export keyword sets from one or more submissions and have the fully formatted metadata delivered directly to your email with attached spreadsheet.
Combine keywords from multiple photo or footage submissions into a single spreadsheet and have it sent directly to your email.
As distributor rules change, worldmetadata does too in order to comply with each distributor`s specifications. All your past submissions to us will automatically inherit the changes and can be re-exported at any time.
Outstanding customer service that is second to none.
No outsourcing to sweat shops in low labour cost countries. All work is done in-house at our headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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